Secret Signals

2012; film; sound; 3:42 min; full hd.

Secret Signals is a short movie about a tomato plant that is being attacked by a plague of mites. The plant tries to rid itself of invasive species by sending out odors to hungry predators. The signals are picked up by spider mites who, hungry for a meal, are attracted to the plant and eat the mites that are endangering the tomato. In 2011, this secret weapon of plants was revealed by scientists from a botany group at the University of Amsterdam. The story is narrated by a pen plotter. This drawing machine takes you on a journey into the world of plants and insects through illustration and text on a paper roll. The drawings on paper function in the same way as images on the movie ‘film’ roll.

Secret Signals is Arents’ graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012. Sound design by Bruno Bours.